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About Us

Clear-Wall was founded on the idea that environmentally sound technology can be financially sound as well. By taking advantage of the latest advancements in polymer technologies and window films, we can provide our clients with the latest in energy saving solutions resulting in the reduction of their energy usage to a fraction of what it is now.

Clear-Wall is working with other companies in the energy-efficient design field to provide complete energy solutions. Look for coming collaborations between our films and new advances in LED lighting. By building integrated systems, we can help clients cut costs on heating, cooling, and lighting. By switching to Clear-Wall, our clients can reduce maintenance on their HVAC systems and enhance the comfort of their employees and customers, family members and houseguest.

We're proud to work with the Department of Energy and regional utility companies to offer our customers cost-free installation through existing rebate programs. By offering risk-free investments that pay for themselves, we prove the success of our business philosophy in action.

ASID Energy Star NFRC