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Clear-Wall Advantage

Clear-Wall engineering focuses on the energy saving effects that thin film technology for windows can have on the building envelope. Independent energy saving's analysis is performed across All manufacture film types utilizing US Department of Energy (DOE) based simulation software. The facility is modeled with the existing glass and energy costs. The building model is run against DOE-2 weather and climate data to simulate twelve months of utility costs. Various solar thin films are applied to the glass to determine the best performance from all manufacturers. The Clear-Wall Advantage provides an engineering analysis for the greatest cost savings within an owner's aesthetic, safety, privacy, and other needs. We also offer full project management and application of all "BRANDS".

Software tools are all based off of the Department of Energy DOE-2 weather and climate data. DOE-2 calculates the hourly energy use and energy cost of a commercial or residential building given information about the building's climate, construction, operation, utility rate schedule and heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The DOE-2 program for building energy use analysis provides the building construction and research communities with an up-to-date, unbiased, well-documented computer program for building energy analysis. Using DOE-2, designers can quickly determine the choice of building parameters which improve energy efficiency while maintaining thermal comfort. Clear-Wall engineers input the client's description of a building design (e.g., solar thin film with new construction) or alternative design options (e.g., addition of solar thin film to existing glass) and obtain an accurate estimate of the proposed building's energy consumption, interior environmental conditions and energy operation cost. Architects are able to design new construction with less expensive, readily available clear glass and get higher solar performance with the aesthetics to meet design requirements.

DOE-2 is an up-to-date, unbiased computer program that predicts the hourly energy use and energy cost of a building given hourly weather information and a description of the building and its HVAC equipment and utility rate structure. Using DOE-2, designers can determine the choice of building parameters that improve energy efficiency while maintaining thermal comfort and cost-effectiveness. The purpose of DOE-2 is to aid in the analysis of energy usage in buildings; DOE-2 is widely used by consulting engineers for the design of energy-efficient buildings; by researchers for impact analysis of new heating, cooling and lighting technologies; and by state and federal agencies for developing energy-efficiency standards. DOE-2 is internationally recognized for the accuracy of its energy analysis algorithms as well as its ability to model a variety of buildings, HVAC systems and energy conservation measures. Read more about DOE-2.