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Commercial Solar Film

Commercial Solar Window Film

Spectrally selective films fulfill multiple needs for commercial spaces. They control heat while letting in sunlight, saving on A/C, heating, and lighting costs. They filter out UV light that can damage merchandize and interiors. And by keeping even shattered windows upright and secure in their frames, they can protect employees and customers from falling glass during natural disasters and discourage break-ins.

Unlike tints, spectrally selective films are very clear. This means that your window displays will be seen by your customers, extra lighting won't be needed, and your customers and employees can enjoy the ambiance provided by natural sunlight.

Clear-Wall is the exclusive California distributor for some of the highest performing spectrally selective films on the market. We partnered with PG&E to install these and other energy-efficient films at no or low cost to our customers. Stimulus money pay for installation and energy savings over time pay for materials. Contact Clear-Wall today for a consultation to find out how you can benefit from solar thin film technology with no financial risk.