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Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

Existing windows in buildings were not designed to resist debris blown during earthquake conditions, forced entry, or explosions. Subject to such stresses, existing glass often breaks into lethal shards. These shards are often hurled from the window frame, endangering building occupants.

If a window with a security film breaks, the film holds the glass shards intact preventing them from becoming lethal projectiles. The film provides maximum protection by allowing the glass to shatter but remain intact within its frame.

Only security films and laminated windows provide this measure of safety. Security films are strengthened by being attached to the frame, a feature that can retrofitted to most existing windows. Tests verify that many security films provide equivalent, or in some cases superior, protection compared to laminated glass during earthquakes.

By staying intact in the frame, a window backed up by window film will discourage burglars and vandals. Tests show that security films can successfully resist objects hurled with hurricane-speed force, providing a measure of protection for your merchandize and employees during riots and natural disasters.